In 1955, the determination, talent and creativity of Almiro Grings and his partners Alfredo Marmitt, Evado Armindo Klein and Arnildo Kayser brought PICCADILLY to life. Located in Igrejinha, in Rio Grande do Sul, production began with only 12 pairs per day, but the passion for making quality women’s footwear already showed.

In 1958, the brand that still shines today was first registered: PICCADILLY, a name inspired by PICCADILLY Circus, a tourist spot in London. Coincidence or not, in 1968, England was the first country outside Brazil to receive the brand’s footwear, kicking off a successful export project.

Inovation is part of the company’s DNA, and it is always tuned in to the trends of the fashion world and to new technologies. In the 70s, PICCACILLY became hugely successful and products Brazil’s first women’s clog with a leather upper and wooden sole. The model was designed by Tiburcio Grings, Almiro’s son. In 1975, he and his brothers, Paul and Adair became partners and consolidated the entry of the second generation of the Grings family into the business.

The 80s marked PICCADILLY growth in the market. The collections were surprising and women increasingly desired them. The drove the expansion of the factory and its affiliates.

In the 90s, PICCADILLY showed its pioneering spirit once again. In 1994, it was the first company in the footwear sector to position itself in the market as a brand of comfort, through research and investment. Another important decision was the use of a class A synthetic (PU) for all its shoes.

The 2000s were marked by the entry of the 3rd generation of the Grings family. Renovationg processes and firming up PICCADILLY position as one of the main companies of the segment in Brazil and around the world. At that time, the PICCADILLY for Girls brand was also created, developing collections of children’s footwear for girls 6 to 12 years of age, which in 2016 underwent a reformulation of products, communication, and concept, receiving a new name: Lilybi.

In 2015, the brand celebrated its 60th year. A success story that is still being written with great pride and dedication by the Board of the company and by its employees. PICCADILLY’s story of love and affection for the shoes and, above all, for the female spirit.

In 2017, PICCADILLY reinvented itself with a new positioning. By bringing new ideas and attitudes into the heart of the brand, we want to be closer and closer to all the real women who walk with us.


PICCADILLY COMPANY is a new positioning, with global operations, which represents the business growth and the path that the PICCADILLY brand is following. Women of different styles find comfort and quality in beautiful footwear that stay with them every moment of the day.

All women you can be: the current positioning of PICCADILLY, launched in 2017, aimed to get closer to the real woman and her daily life. Following the changes in the world. Therefore, the brand presents a collection with the comfort that you already know, but with a visual even more linked to the world trends. In addition to seeking inspiration in the main fashion references, the bet is on details and technologies that bring practicality and comfort to the day to day. Thus, 2017 is the year in which PICCADILLY narrows the relationship between comfort and fashion to provide a complete experience to those who choose to follow the walk with us.

PICCADILLY by the Numbers

PICCADILLY has been recognized for 60 years for the quality of its products. Let the numbers show you why this is one of the largest footwear companies in Brazil.